Why Does My Water Taste Like…

Depending on where you live and where your water comes from, it can have a very different odor and taste compared to other cities and states. Tap water is tricky when it comes to having a weird taste because sometimes it is harmless, while other times it can carry dangerous pathogens that can cause illnesses. So here’s what it means when your tap water tastes like…

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  • The source water could have contained algal blooms, a microscopic algae. Even though the water might be treated by your local water municipality, the taste can still linger on.
  • Bacterial growth within a home’s water system or sink can also cause this taste — which is harmless when ingested.


  • Tasting chlorine in tap water is extremely common because most water systems will use this chemical to disinfect the water supply.
  • Small amounts of chlorine are present in almost all treated water and is safe to drink — so don’t be afraid to drink up!


  • When high amounts of sodium and chloride compounds are present in water, you’ll notice a slightly salty taste. Even though chlorides naturally occur in water as it moves through the earth, high concentrations of it can wreak havoc on your plumbing system.
  • Tap water that suddenly develops a salty taste could mean there is a saltwater system leak or a sewage leak. Both of which need to be addressed and fixed, especially for folks who are have dietary sodium restrictions.

Wet Dog

  • Having water that smells and tastes like a wet dog on a rainy day is something that can raise a few eyebrows. The cause is usually metal plumbing, bacteria, certain treatment chemicals, or organic material in the source water.
  • For now, the water is safe to drink — but be sure to have your water tested sooner rather than later.

Tap water can have all sorts of different odors and tastes, but if one is out of the ordinary, it’s important to know why. Avoid having your water contain chemicals and compounds that cause them to have an unpleasant smell and taste. Contact Aquarius Water Conditioning to learn more about our drinking water systems and how they can benefit you!

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