Why Does my Water Smell?

Within your home, water is an everyday essential. Many homes have different water supply environments, which can impact the taste and smell of the water. If your water has a distinct type of smell, there are certain causes for that. This article will discuss the 3 most common water smells and what causes them.

1. Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs coming from your water is usually due to a gas called hydrogen sulfide. This gas can occur naturally within groundwater, and it can also be produced by bacteria within the water or the groundwater system or from within your water softener. Hydrogen sulfide within your water isn’t harmful, but it can corrode or stain pipes as well as silverware. The hydrogen sulfide can also promote the growth of other bacteria over time so if you notice this smell, consider have it checked.

2. Metal

One of the most common smells that occur in water is the smell of metal. This scent is generally caused by the overabundance of different types of trace metals. The trace metals can include magnesium, iron, zinc, or copper. A common cause of these trace metals is old pipes. The metals leach into the water as the pipes corrode over time. None of the listed metals are harmful, but lead is a harmful type of metal that can be found in water due to the corrosion of pipes. Have your water checked for lead to ensure that there aren’t any traces of it within your water.

3. Chlorine

Chlorine is a common disinfectant that is in groundwater to kill bacteria and other harmful pathogens. The overabundance of chlorine can have adverse health impacts. That being said, chlorine can often be smelled, even when it is at levels that are quite safe to drink. There are different tests kits that you can buy and use to make sure that your water isn’t over chlorinated. Read more for Signs You Have High Chlorine Levels in Your Water Supply.

There are many other smells that may be in your water, but the smell of rotten eggs, metal, and chlorine are some of the most common. There are ways to have these smells addressed, and fixed. Aquarius Water Conditioning is capable of installing water filtration systems, as well as water softening systems that can improve your overall water quality. If you have any concerns with your water, Aquarius Water Conditioning will be able to assist you in those needs.