Why Choose Filtered Water Over Bottled?

Ahh, the age old debate: Filtered water versus bottled water. We’re here to set the record straight and end this epic battle once and for all! That being said, let’s start with the basics:

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Isn’t bottled water safer to drink than tap water?

The answer to that is a big resounding — not quite. You see, while bottled water is generally good quality and typically considered “better” than unfiltered tap water, the actual quality of that water may still surprise you.

Consider this — the federal standards for bottled water are actually no different than those that govern municipal water supplies. That means that bottled water manufacturers are still only held accountable for testing for the handful of predetermined contaminants, as per the Safe Drinking Water Act. These tap water regulations set Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs), which means that contaminants are not always eliminated 100%, but that water containing contaminants within these ranges is “considered safe for consumption.”

So, why not just drink tap water, then?

Well, you could, if your tap water comes from a regulated municipal water supply and not a private well — but why would you when you could filter our all of those drinking water contaminants? Many people prefer clean, crisp, fresh tasting water over the tap alternative — and we can’t say we blame them. *Cue the water filtration system installations!*

What about bottled water manufacturers that filter more heavily?

We’re sure there are probably some bottled water manufacturers out there that take pride in their filtration abilities… but they likely also cost a pretty penny. So yea, you could purchase top-of-the-line bottled water, waste a ton of money and pollute the earth with more plastic bottles. Or, you could purchase a top-of-the-line Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station that will bring eco-and-environmentally-friendly water right to your tap. We think the choice is a no-brainer!

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