What’s in Unfiltered Wisconsin Water?

Most Americans relate water borne diseases with impoverished nations and third world countries. Little do they know, the problem can be right here at home. In places like Wisconsin, where agriculture reigns supreme, water is at an increased risk of contamination. The water issue is out there whether you like it or not, so it is your job (and ours!) to learn more about and help combat the problem.

What's in Unfiltered Wisconsin Water? | Water Filtration System Appleton WI | Aquarius Water Conditioning

The Water Problem

Sometimes, the truth hurts — and the truth is, Wisconsin is in the midst of a water problem:

  • An estimated 6,000 Wisconsin homes are at risk for lead contamination due to old plumbing systems.
  • Over 94,000 Wisconsin homes are at risk of nitrate contamination because of untreated agriculture runoff. This includes public AND private wells.
  • In 2015, two dozen communities tested positive for radium levels exceeding the EPA’s maximum contaminant level.
  • An estimated 22,650 Wisconsin homes could be consuming unsafe levels of arsenic.

The Solution

Since the Clean Water Act was passed 41 years ago, the situation has dramatically improved. The act focused on cleaning up at-risk areas like the ones in Wisconsin’s farming communities. Although things have gotten better, the water problem is still abundant and should be taken seriously.

This problem isn’t going to go away overnight, but the unfiltered water in your home can! If you’re ready for clean, crisp, contaminant free water, give Aquarius Water Conditioning a call. We’ll provide a free home water analysis to begin softening, filtering and purifying your water today!

For more information, call 888-741-9025 to speak with a specialist or schedule your in-home water analysis and estimate online today.

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