Calling Aquarius For The First Time? Here’s What You Need to Know

You just realized that reappearing ring around the tub and the fact that you’ve had to re-buy towels three times in the past year because they became unbearably scratchy is no coincidence. You’re also sick and tired of sub-par drinking water, and in particular, that all-too-familiar icky aroma that wafts up into your nostrils every time you take a sip from your glass. You’ve finally figured it out… you need water conditioning! Luckily, you’ve got us.

Washing the dishes is so much more pleasant with a water softener installed.

Here are a few of the water treatments options we offer:

A variety of factors can affect how water tastes, smells and feels. That’s why we offer to test your water for free before recommending treatment options. Some of the most common water problems we treat include hard water, high levels of iron or manganese, stinky rotten egg smells and overpowering chlorine scent and taste.

Hard Water

Hard water is a menace to the body, bathroom fixtures, plumbing, and appliances. It dries out skin and makes hair brittle. It causes soap scum in tubs and showers, and spots on faucets, silverware, glasses, and fixtures. It also causes scaling (those icky off-white, chalky deposits) around your fixtures and within appliances, which results in lowered efficiency and costly repairs.

Iron and Manganese

Iron and manganese can leave rust stains on your clothes, your hair, and in your sink and tub. When rust is carried by water through your plumbing, it can also eventually lead to corrosion in your pipes. (Hello burst pipes and blogs!) This will force you into making costly repairs that you may not have to have made if you had iron and manganese removed from your water.

Rotten Egg Smells

We know you don’t like the smell or taste of rotten eggs — really though, does anyone? So why have it in your water? Hydrogen sulfide can give your water an unpleasant taste and smell, sometimes even rendering it unusable. By using a filtration system, you can eliminate hydrogen sulfide from your water and save money by kicking bottled water to the curb!

Chlorine Taste or Smell

You wouldn’t jump in your local swimming pool to get a drink of water, right? So don’t have that chlorine scent wafting out of your faucet, either! The taste and smell of chlorine are unappealing and can also dry out your skin and hair. While municipalities use chlorine to disinfect the water supply, it should always be filtered out before you use it, especially if it exists in high levels.

Corrosive Water

Water with a low pH is acidic and can erode pipes, leaving blue and green stains behind. On top of that, drinking corrosive water can cause health concerns, as it may contain metal particles from your pipes. A water filtration system can save a lot of money in plumbing fixes while also providing you peace of mind with regards to the health of your family.

For solutions for unfiltered and hard water in Minnesota and Wisconsin, start here, with the best in the water treatment business — Aquarius Water Conditioning!

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