What is the Best Size Water Softener for my Home?

When you’re considering adding a water softener to your home, one of the biggest questions that arises is what size tank you’ll likely need. While your water conditioning company can provide you with a professional assessment, there are a few factors you can determine for yourself, such as:

Your Water Usage

A lot of this thought boils down to how much water you and your family use. Think about how often everyone showers, how many loads of laundry you do, and everyone’s general water usage. You can typically also figure out your usage by looking at your water bill.

For example, if you’re a family of three, you may be fine with a smaller tank. If you are a family of six with every child needing a second shower a day after sports practice, you’ll likely need a bigger tank.

Your Water’s Hardness

This one is a little harder to figure out on your own. How particularly hard your water is will affect the size tank you need and how much salt that tank will need to hold.

If your water isn’t too bad, you will probably be able to choose a smaller tank that doesn’t need as much salt. However, if your water is particularly hard, you will need more salt to officially soften it and therefore need a larger tank.

The best way to determine how hard your water is is by having a professional water analysis done at your home. An expert will be able to suggest the best size tank for you and your whole needs. Contact the experts at Aquarius Water Conditioning for more information today!

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