What Causes Scale Buildup?

Have you ever noticed a crusty, white or green buildup around the spout of your bathroom or kitchen faucet? Perhaps you’ve cleaned it once or twice, but it still continues to reappear. No, you’re not crazy, your plumbing is just more prone to scale buildup than others!

What Causes Scale Buildup? | Water Softeners Minneapolis | Aquarius Water Conditioning

What is scale buildup made of anyway?
Scale, or lime scale, is a result of hardened calcium and mineral deposits that have dried up and adhered to your fixtures — gross! Luckily, cleaning it can be fairly simple, according to this article.

So, where does it come from?
In order to understand the origin of scale deposits found in plumbing or built up on faucets and other water fixtures, we must first understand hard water. Hard water occurs when there are an overabundance of minerals present within a water supply that refuse to dissolve. When hard water flows through your home, the minerals can drop out and settle on the surface of your fixtures, building up over time — cue the icky scale film.

Why is it important to keep an eye out for scale?
For one thing, a faucet full of lime scale is unappealing to the eye, but it can also be a warning sign for a few things. First, if you have an abundance of buildup, it’s a surefire sign that your home is operating on hard water, which isn’t ideal for cleaning, showering, etc. More importantly, if scale is building up on the outside of your fixtures, just imagine what it might look like within your plumbing! Buildup can clog pipes and cause water usage to skyrocket.

Have you noticed a large amount of scale buildup in your home? If so, have your water tested for hardness and your plumbing flushed by a professional as soon as possible.

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