What Are My Water Treatment Options?

What would you do without water? You wouldn’t be able to cook, clean, shower, or enjoy the thirst-quenching goodness and health benefits of an ice cold glass. Well, for some homeowners, though water is pumping through their pipes, they still have a difficult time enjoying these simple pleasures — and improperly treated water is the reason.

What Are My Water Treatment Options? | Water Filtration System Minneapolis | Aquarius Water Conditioning

    • Water Softening – If you’re dealing with hard water stains, stiff linens, dry skin and brittle hair, a water softener is the answer to all of your problems. Most homes are plagued with hard water to some degree, even if their municipal water supplies has been treated before distribution. A soft water system eliminates dissolved minerals, leaving your water silky soft.


    • Water Purification – This option goes one step further than water softening. Not only does it dissolve minerals to make your water softer and more manageable, but it improves its tastes as well. With a water purification system you can rest assured that you’re drinking only the safest, most refined, high quality water possible.


    • Saltless Water Conditioning – While most water softening and purification systems use salt to treat water, some homeowners prefer to avoid it. TX membrane and scale reduction systems for example, are both alternative options to help tackle minerals, odors and impurities in your water without the use of salt.


    • Water Filtration – Does your home’s water contain a particularly high level of chlorine? Perhaps you’d rather remove sediment and eliminate odors before the water comes pouring out your faucet. Water filtration systems are just the thing! Unlike conditioning treatments, filtration can snag unwanted minerals, chemicals and odors from the get-go.


  • Whole House Water Treatment – The best way to ensure your water is in perfect condition for drinking, cleaning, showering and any other daily task imaginable, is to invest in a whole-house system. These systems work to tackle water problems from their entry point, so your water is exceptional from every indoor source.

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I’ve noticed that many people ignore their water unless it’s causing a visible problem. But having good, clean water impacts the quality of their lives.

More and more people seem to understand that and are interested in improving their water now. Kinetico can help.

Mike Holmes

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