What are Iron Water Filters?

How many times have you ever opened up someone’s toilet or sink and noticed dark red and rust-colored stains decorating the inside of the bowl? Or have you opened what seems like a clean toilet, but you’re instantly hit in the face with a rotten egg smell? When your water supply is full of iron and sulfur, both of these scenarios are an unpleasant reality.

If you’re a victim of rust-colored stains, metallic-tasting water, or rotten eggs smells, you should seriously consider installing an iron filter.

What is an Iron Filter?

Simply put, iron filters work to remove iron and sulfur gas from your water supply. Removing those elements can not only keep your plumbing safe — since too much iron can corrode your pipes from the inside — but also provide you and your family with better drinking water.

The Kinetico Powerline Pro Series

When you want the best iron filter, you’ll want to choose one that is part of the Kinetico Powerline Pro Series line. While there are plenty of reasons to choose a Kinetico iron filters, these are some of the main ones:

It’s Fully Customizable

There are two tank sizes in the series as well as three media blends to make it able to work well in any size home.

Unique Design

The Powerline Pro Series features industry-exclusive features such as external air injectors, programmable air draw and backwash cycles, and Macrolite® Rx filtration media.

Corrosion-Resistant Media Tanks

The water vessels in Powerline Pro filtration systems are resistant to harsh environments.

At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we can perform a free water analysis and install a water filtration system best suited for your home’s needs. For the best drinking water in Minnesota and Wisconsin, give us a call at 888-741-9025.


Laura Schara

Kinetico is an essential part of my home because I care about my health.  Kinetico K5 drinking system removes 99% of contaminants, including chlorine, out of my drinking water.  Not only can I taste the difference, but I feel good knowing that I am only consuming clean pure water.  When you have kinetico, less plastic water bottles are used, which is beneficial to our environment.  

Laura Schara

MN Bound