Minnesota’s Waterways Found to Be ‘Impaired’

If there’s one thing our state is known for, it’s our waterways. However, a recent study (released last month) by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) states that there at least 581 new contaminated water sources in our state — including the St. Croix River. 

Contamination in the St. Croix

One of the biggest shocks this study reveals?  The contamination of the St. Croix River. After a 10-year sampling period, 581 new waterways have been added to Minnesota’s impaired waters list for 2020. In total, the study includes 3,416 waterways that show a range of impurities — including excess mercury, bacteria, phosphorus, nitrate, and other pollutants. 

Many rivers and lakes also face struggling fish and insect populations. One of the first signs of tainted water is the absence of healthy, sustained ecosystems, which require clean water to live.

Effects on Human Health

Mercury is currently Minnesota’s most significant contamination concern. However,  if it were excluded from the study, only 40% of Minnesota’s water would be marked impure — a 16% difference. Due to high bacteria and the presence of phosphorus in lakes and rivers, nearly one-third of water bodies listed in the study have been marked impaired for recreational use. 

Nature-goers should use extra caution when coming in contact with a tainted watershed — especially after a heavy rainfall that flushes chemicals and bacteria into the water.

Improve Water Quality In Your Home With a Water Softening System

The good news is that the state is currently working on restoration initiatives to repair water quality in the affected regions.  It’s always important to make sure the water you enjoy, whether inside or outside your home is clean and safe. 

A water softening system provides numerous benefits that you can see right away (i.e., better-tasting water, smoother skin, and softer clothes) and ones you cannot (i.e., improved health). Aquarius Water Conditioning is the leading providing in whole-house filtration and water softening systems across Minnesota and Wisconsin. To schedule your free in-home water analysis and quote, call our experts at 888-741-9025 or contact us online.

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