Why Does My Water Taste Funny?

One of the first indicators that something has gone awry with your water supply is the presence of an unfamiliar taste in your drinking water. While U.S. tap water is relatively safe to consume in most cases, it’s still important for you as a homeowner, to be able to identify just what’s causing that strange sensation on your taste buds.

Why Does My Water Taste Funny? | Water Conditioning St. Paul MN | Aquarius Water Conditioning

If you’re experiencing a salty taste…
There’s a good chance there are excess chloride ions and/or sulfates lurking within your water supply. These issues are particularly common in households whose water supply is in close proximity to industrial waste or irrigation drainage systems. Sulfates are created naturally within the soil and can contaminate water, but are more predominant in coastal areas.

If you’re experiencing a sweet taste…
There is likely a high concentration of calcium and/or iron running through your plumbing. These are naturally occurring, like sulfates, and are typically safe for consumption. Sweet tasting water is also an indication that its alkaline or pH levels are imbalanced.

If you’re experiencing a “dirt” taste…
Your water supply may have been contaminated by geosmin, a harmless bacteria that is prevalent during the summer months. It’s known for the earthy, dirt-like hint it can cause when introduced to drinking water.

If you’re experiencing a metallic taste…
You likely have excess iron, manganese, zinc or copper in your plumbing. This can be caused by corrosion and rust. If you get your water from a private well, galvanized iron pipes are probably to blame!

Sick and tired of being dissatisfied by the way your drinking water tastes? Aquarius Water Conditioning can help! With just a simple water analysis test, we’ll be able to determine just what’s been contaminating your water supply, and devise a solution to stop those contaminants in their tracks.

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