Water Concerns for Your New Home

Whether it’s your first or third home, moving into a new house is always a bit stressful. While you’re probably focused on finding a place with good square footage, a large living room, and a nice yard, there are few things about the house that you should also focus on. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure to address these water concerns for your new home.

Hard Water

This is one of the most common problems that homeowners in Minnesota and Wisconsin face. When your water comes from a well system, it can often contain calcium, Limestone, and other minerals that can cause clogs in your plumbing, white spots on your plumbing fixtures, and dryness on your skin and hair.

Acidic Water

When acid rain flows into your water source and the water is not filtered properly, you may end up with water that has too high or low of a pH level. That water can end up causing a number of different plumbing problems, including corroding your pipes if it’s too acidic.

Iron in the Water

Iron typically ends up in your home’s water for two reasons: it’s naturally present in ground water or it flows into your water from corroded pipes. Having iron in your water can lead to unsightly rust stains on your plumbing fixtures as well as a metallic taste to your water.

How to Handle These Problems

Before you get settled in your new home, you should seriously consider adding a whole-home water filtration system to remedy any problems your current water could cause.

The experts at Aquarius Water Conditioning can perform a water analysis at your home and offer a number of solutions to get you and your family crisp, clean water. Give us a call today to schedule a service!

Laura Schara

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Laura Schara

MN Bound