Things You Didn’t Know About Whole Home Water Filtration

When you’re considering adding a whole home water filter to your house, you’re probably going to do a lot of research — as you should! But there are some things that your average research may not tell you. There are quite a few things you didn’t know about whole home water filtration that you may be surprised to find out.

Your Water Needs to Be Tested First

Before you go shopping for a filtration system, you need to have your water tested so you know exactly what kind of system you need. Remember that most particles in your water are invisible to the naked eye, so have your local utility company or a water treatment expert test your water so you can have the best system possible installed.

Filtered Water Can Make for a Better Palate

If you’re a big water drinker (and you should be) you know that filtered water tastes different than tap water. So wouldn’t it make sense that the food washed in that water would taste a little different too?

When your filtration system gets rid of all the bacteria or minerals that could be in your water, they don’t end up on your foods when you wash them — and that means that food can taste better than it ever did.

Filtered Water Can Make for Better Air Quality

If you have harmful particles in your water supplies, they can get absorbed into your air every time you turn your faucet or shower on. This is especially unsettling if there are any traces of mold or mildew in your water.

When a whole home water filtration system removes harmful particles or elements from your water, your air quality can benefit from that as well, and you and your family can breathe easy.

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