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The Most Common Issues with Well Water

When you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, there’s a very good chance your home’s water comes from a well. While there may not be any problem with that, there could be any number of problems in your water itself.

In order to keep your home’s water pristine, there are a few common issues with well water that you should be aware of.

The Most Common Issues with Well Water

Hydrogen Sulfide

This gas being present in your water can make your water smell like rotten eggs as well as cause stains on your plumbing fixtures and laundry. Sulfur water can also be corrosive to your pipes and if enough gas builds up inside a well, since it’s flammable, it could lead to a dangerous explosion.

Hard Water

While hard water that contains calcium and magnesium isn’t necessarily bad for your health, it can wreak havoc on your plumbing. The sediments can build up on your fixtures and inside your pipes, potentially causing clogs.


Small amounts of fluoride are good for you, but if your well water contains a high amount of fluoride, you may actually start to notice white spots on you or your children’s teeth — which can eventually begin to wear down your enamel and lead to even worse discoloration.


Not only can iron make your drinking water taste metallic and bitter, but it can corrode your pipes, leave rust-colored stains in your toilet, shower, and other plumbing fixtures.


Acidic rainwater can travel through the ground into your well water supply and leave you with a number of plumbing problems such as corrodes pipes and fixtures, rust stains, and bitter-tasting water.


The best way to solve these issues is with a whole-home water filtration system. Since we offer a number Kinetico products, let our water specialists take the guesswork out of things and help decide on the best system for your home. For more information or to meet with one of our experts, call us at 888-741-9025.

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