The Most Common Issues with Well Water

Whether you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, there’s a good chance your home’s water comes from a well. And though you might not have an issue with its source, it’s important to be aware of any potential problems with the quality of your well water. 

The Problem with Well Water

To keep your home’s water in pristine condition, here are 5 common well water issues that may be affecting your home. 

Hydrogen Sulfide

Ever wonder why there’s a bad smell in well water? When hydrogen sulfide is present in your water supply, it can take on the scent of rotten eggs. It may also cause stains to appear on your laundry and corrosion of your piping system. This gas is known to be flammable, as well, which means if enough builds up inside a well, it could lead to a dangerous explosion.

Hard Water

Hard water contains certain minerals like calcium and magnesium, which isn’t necessarily bad for your health; however, it can wreak havoc on your plumbing. The sediments can build up on your fixtures and inside your pipes, potentially creating clogs and other plumbing issues. 


This naturally occurring mineral is found along rocks and soil. And our bodies actually need it to survive, but when we consume too much manganese, we risk exposing ourselves (and our family) to serious health issues that include memory loss and problems with motor skills. 


Why does well water taste funny? The iron found in your well water can make your drinking water taste metallic and bitter. It can corrode your pipes, too, leaving rust-colored stains in your toilet, shower, and other plumbing fixtures.


Commonly found in well water near farmland, tannins pass through decayed vegetation, causing a yellowish tint, which can stain laundry, dishware, and your household fixtures. If you notice a faint yellow color on your fabrics, or if your drinking water gives off a tangy aftertaste, it’s likely tannins are the culprit (Water Systems Council).

Want to Improve your Well Water Quality?

The good news is there is a solution to your well water issues. The installation of a whole home water softening and filtration system can help remove contaminants and minerals found in your well water.

At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we offer quality Kinetico products, including household filtration systems that include an advanced reverse osmosis system to remove impurities from your well water supply.  

To put an end to your well water problems, request a free water analysis today. Our team of water specialists will work with you to find the best water treatment system for your home, budget, and family’s needs.

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