The Awful Effects of Using Disposable Plastic Bottles

How often do you go to clean out your car and end up finding countless half-empty water bottles in the back seat? If you’re like most people, it’s probably pretty often. These bottles tend to be everywhere, from to the fridge to your backseat to landfills and beyond. The thing is, there are some awful effects of using disposable plastic bottles, both for you and the environment.

So Much Trash

While it’d be nice to say everyone will always recycle disposable plastic bottles after they finish their drinks, that’s not reality. A lot of people toss their empty bottles into the regular trash, or worse, onto the street, leading the bottles to sit in landfills for years to come.

And that’s actually the better scenario — if the bottles end up as trash in the ocean, marine animals could swallow them and hurt themselves.

Chemicals in Plastic

Do you have a habit of leaving your bottled water in the car then coming back and drinking that water? Not good. All those disposable plastic bottles are made with a number of harmful chemicals that, when heated by the sun when they’re sitting in your car, can seep into your water and cause you to ingest them.

Depletes Resources

Those disposable plastic bottles are created by using non-renewable fossil fuels, and the more that are made, the more we deplete those natural resources. Notice how we said “non-renewable.” If we keep using those fossil fuels, we’re not going to have any more, and there’s no way to create more any time soon.

By installing a water filtration system in your home, you can refill the same water bottle each day and drastically reduce the number of disposable bottles your household puts into landfills each year.

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