Is Hard Water Hurting Your Appliances?

Hard water can create real problems for homeowners. From leaving unpleasant rings around the tub and toilet to making your hair and skin feel dry and brittle, hard water tends to do more damage than good. But did you know that hard water can actually wear down your washing machine and dishwasher, too? Let’s take … Read more

What Causes High Nitrate Levels in Water?

What’s in your well water? If you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, there’s a chance that high levels of nitrate might be lingering. While nitrate is a naturally occurring compound found in air, soil, water and foliage, the nitrogen/oxygen mix can be concerning if consumed in high quantities. But how exactly does nitrate get into … Read more

How to Test for Hard Water

Testing For Hard Water is Easy! Hard water contains hard minerals, or hardness crystals, that can dry out your hair and skin, cause your soft towels to fall flat and become scratchy, and even latch onto your dishes causing water spots. It can also cause calcium and limestone buildups on your appliances and within your … Read more