Signs You Have a Problem with Your Well

Typically speaking, your home’s water supply comes from one of two places: a municipal supply managed by your local town or a well system that you are responsible for.  If you have a well system, it’s important to be able to spot any issues that could affect your water quality, water bill, or plumbing. Here are some common signs that you have a problem with your well.

Your Electricity Bill Is Higher Than Usual

If your well develops a problem where it’s continuously running and cycling on, it could cause your electricity bill to be much higher than usual. By scheduling a well repair, you can ensure the continuous cycling stops, and that your bill continues to drop.

Your Well Cap is Improperly Installed

If you just moved into a new home that has a well system for its water supply, take a look at the well cap. If it’s not several inches above the ground and properly sealed,  it can allow for airborne, water, and ground contaminants to get into your water supply — as well as bugs and other small critters.

Your Water isn’t Flowing Properly

Your water should come flowing out of your faucets and other fixtures with ease. If your water is sputtering or your water pressure is seems low, there is likely an issue with your well that needs to be repaired. While the repair can be as simple as replacing a small part, it could also be a more complicated repair and will require the help of a professional.

Your Water Tastes or Smells Odd

When your water comes from a well system, it’s likely that it contains minerals and other sediments that can make it taste or smell funny. If you’re noticing that your water smells like rotten eggs, has a metallic taste to it, or is leaving calcium spots on your plumbing fixtures, you can likely benefit from a water filtration system.

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Laura Schara

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