The Secret to Selecting a Water Softener

So, you’ve decided to dive in and purchase your very first water softening system. Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step towards providing your family with a healthier, softer water alternative by just considering this new endeavor! Now, onto more pressing matters — like what to consider when selecting a system and choosing a water conditioning company to handle your installation.

The Secret to Selecting a Water Softener

How to Choose the Right Water Softener

    • Take salt content into consideration. Water softeners require salt to charge and operate your system. They work based on an ion exchange between calcium and magnesium, and sodium, which is responsible for softening your water. However, salt can be pricey and a high sodium count in your water can also be dangerous for family members who need to keep the salt intake low. In either case, you want to look for an option that requires less salt to operate, which are usually more efficient as well.


    • Get a professional opinion. Speaking with friends, family and neighbors is a great way to begin searching for a reliable water conditioning professional. After you’ve collected some referrals, do a quick Google search to find out what those outside your inner circle have to say. Facebook and Google+ are a great place to start, and some companies, like us here at Aquarius, even feature customer reviews right on their website.


  • Ask about the warranty. Let’s face it, everything gets run down and requires a bit of fixing here and there. Your new water system will be no different down the line. That’s why choosing a system and service that comes with a solid warranty program is crucial. Here at Aquarius Water Conditioning, our Kinetico water filtration and softening systems are backed by one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry!

If you’re ready to put your home on the path to better water with a water softener, give us a call at 888-741-9025 today! We’ll help you schedule your free in-home quote, complete with a complimentary water analysis.

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