The Scary Effects of Lead in Your Wisconsin Water Supply

The CDC dictates that water containing lead is safe to drink as long as the amount present is less than 15 parts per billion. But who feels safe drinking water with any amount of lead in it?!

Unfortunately, there have been studies that show lead is present in several water supplies in Wisconsin. If that doesn’t worry you, it should —- since there are some very scary effects of drinking lead-contaminated water.

How Lead Gets Into Water

More often than not, lead can make its way into your water supply via corrosion of older plumbing fixtures or the materials used to connect them. These pipes can be ones either in your home itself or ones outside your home used to transport water throughout your neighborhood.

The Effects of Lead in Your Water

Lead is toxic to your body and can be even more dangerous for young children and pregnant women.

Lead Poisoning in Adults

    • High Blood Pressure


    • Headaches


    • Memory Loss
    • Abdominal Pain

Lead Poisoning in Children

Children who suffer from lead poisoning can experience:

    • Irritability


    • Weight Loss


    • Fatigue


    • Abdominal Pain


    • Vomiting


    • Seizures 
    • Pica (eating inedible objects, such as paint chips)

Lead Poisoning in Infants

If a pregnant woman drinks lead-contaminated water, her newborn can suffer from lead poisoning and experience:

    • Premature Birth


    • Low Birth Weight 
    • Slowed Growth

The Ultimate Effect

Those who continue to drink lead-contaminated water may suffer from seizures, comas, or even death.


Don’t risk your health by drinking water with lead — even if it’s below the CDC’s limit. The experts at Aquarius Water Conditioning can install whole-home and drinking water filtration systems in your home to keep your entire family healthy and safe.

For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 888-741-9025.

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