Is Your Plumbing Contaminating Your Water Supply?

You may be surprised to hear that the age of your plumbing can have a positive or negative effect on the condition of your home’s water supply. Most homeowners just think, “oh, I’ll replace my pipes as they break or need fixing,” but that reactive approach may actually be causing contamination. Here’s why

How do old pipes affect my water?

In short, the older your plumbing, the higher the chance of corrosion and rust. This can cause discoloration, a metallic taste, or worse — the presence of lead. As the pipes age and corrode, pieces of pipe break off and enter the water stream. Legend has it that boiling your water will make it safer to drink, which is unfortunately untrue when it comes to lead. While boiling can kill bacteria, it can actually end up increasing the lead readings. Yikes!

What makes lead so dangerous?

Lead isn’t healthy for anyone, but it’s especially dangerous for infants and children. Lead exposure in young ones has been directly linked to issues with the central nervous system and in severe cases — permanent brain damage.

How can I combat water contamination?

That’s simple! With a water filtration system. There are a variety of different kinds to choose from — reverse osmosis drinking water filtration, or whole house filtration, to name a few. There are also specialty water filters that target specific contaminants, like lead or chlorine. You can also take a proactive stance and repipe your home with lead-free plumbing.

No matter if you choose to go the filtration route, the repiping route, or both, Aquarius Water Conditioning can help! Contact us today for your free estimate and water evaluation.