8 Mind-Blowing Water Facts

Did you know that nearly 85% of U.S. households receive their water from public water facilities? That’s right! And the remaining 15% supply their own water from private wells and the like, which can be crawling with contaminants if they’re not regulated by a proper water filtration system. Surprised? Read on for more interesting water facts that may blow your mind!

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    • The average adult human body is comprised of 50-65% water, while the average newborn baby’s body is made up of about 80% water.


    • One single gallon of water weighs approximately 8.34 pounds, and an entire cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 pounds. But that’s not all, an inch of water covering one acre of land is equivalent to 27,154 gallons, weighting 113 tons!


    • A whopping 70-75% of Earth’s surface is covered in water, totaling about 326 million cubic miles, but there is still more water floating around in the Earth’s atmosphere than in all of its rivers combined.


    • The United States uses about 346 million gallons of fresh water per day nationwide! Of that 346 million per day, the average American residence uses 80-100 gallons each day, and the average household uses 100,000 gallons annually.


    • The average bathroom faucet pumps out 2 gallons of water per minute. That’s why turning off the tap while you brush is so important! On that note, a faucet dripping at a rate of one drop per second can waste up to 3,000 gallons in a single year. Make sure to fix those leaks!


    • Unfortunately, there are an estimated 748 million people in the world who do not have access to clean drinking water. That’s more than 10% of approximately 7.336 billion people worldwide.


    • A healthy person can drink about three gallons of water per day. This includes actual glasses of water drank, as well as water ingested from eating certain foods. In fact, nearly every food and drink contains as leave some portion of water.


  • In its purest state, solely hydrogen and oxygen atoms, water has a neutral pH level of 7, which is neither acidic nor basic. However, water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid, taking minerals, chemicals and, nutrients with it — which can change its pH.

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