Should I Be Concerned about Manganese in My Water?

Did you know that our bodies actually need manganese? This naturally occurring mineral, which is found in certain foods and typically in ground water, is responsible for providing antioxidants to our bodies: “It also plays a role in bone formation, blood clotting, and reducing inflammation,” (Medical News Today). 

Though small amounts of manganese offer essential health benefits, as with anything, too much of a good thing can create a BIG problem.   

Is Manganese in Drinking Water Harmful? 

Because manganese is found along rocks and soil, it’s not unusual to find traces of it in your home’s water supply. And when you and your family consume high levels of this mineral (above the recommended MHD guidance level) for a long period of time, you risk serious health issues, including “…problems with memory, attention, and motor skills,” (Minnesota Department of Health). 

Infants should especially avoid ingesting high levels of manganese in water, as this can affect their growth and development.  

 How to Tell If Manganese Is in Your Water 

When high concentrations of iron and manganese oxidize, they leave certain telltale signs that you’ll want to watch out for, including:  

  • Strange colors of orange or pink forming on your plumbing fixtures 
  • Rust stains on clothing and appliances 
  • Metallic taste and smell in drinking water 

 The best way to test your water supply and identify the exact type of chemicals and minerals you’re ingesting is with a free home water analysis from Aquarius Water Conditioning. Our team will travel to your home to perform the test and provide you with a breakdown of the contaminants in your water supply. Afterward, we’ll provide you with a customized solution to help treat and improve the quality of your drinking water for good!  

How is Manganese in Water Treated? 

Having an effective water filtration solution can help you eliminate high traces of manganese and other contaminants that are affecting the integrity of your drinking water. The Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Systems, for instance, offer homeowners an advanced water filtration device that carefully removes almost any organic and inorganic material present in your water system. It’s designed to reduce waste, saving you money each month on your water bill, and provide sufficient water pressure, allowing you to cook, clean, wash, and complete each day’s routine without delay or interruption.  

Ready for Your Free Water Analysis? 

If you’re concerned about the quality of your water supply and its effect on your family’s health, contact Aquarius today for a free quote and water test. Because there are a variety of factors that can affect the taste, smell, and quality of your drinking water, it’s essential to get the facts right first, so we can recommend to you the best, most effective water filtration solution on the market.   

Give yourself peace of mind with quality water solutions from Aquarius 

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