7 Tips to Make Washing Dishes Easier

Your stockpile of paper plates can only get you so far, and no dishwasher is perfect.  Washing dishes by hand is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a long and tedious task. It’s important to properly clean your dishes for the safety of your family, and with these tips, you can wash them efficiently without cutting any corners.

1. Soak in the Suds

Just like you, your plates need time to relax and soak off any extra weight they carry. We all may hate letting dishes sit in the sink, but letting them soak for a few minutes combined with some dishwashing liquid is your best bet. You can multitask by cleaning up other areas of your kitchen, and in just a few minutes the extra particles on your dishes will begin to loosen and fall off.

2. Use Cold Water on Dairy

Heat and dairy don’t get along very well. Hot water can actually make any plates or cups covered in dairy or starchy foods stickier, making it harder to remove residue. It’s best to use cold water to remove any remaining food, and then once the food is cleaned off switch to hot water. You’ll save yourself a lot of scrubbing action.

3. A drop of the Right Detergent Helps the Dishes and your Wallet

Using a good dishwashing liquid can make the world of a difference in cleaning your dishes. Choose a detergent that has a high concentration of surfactants, which break up stains and suspend food soil in water. Surfactants include alkyl ether sulfates, solvents like alcohols, or anti-bacterial ingredients.

4. Remove food Residue Before Washing

If you plan on leaving the dishes for later, take some time to scrape off any leftover food bits and throw them out. On pots and pans, use a rubber spatula to prevent scraping. Be sure to never dispose of grease in your garbage disposal to prevent clogging, and instead throw everything in the garbage can.

5. Start From Least Greasy and Work Your Way Up

Glassware is probably the best place to start, usually, because they carry the least amount of grease and need the least time to soak. After this, do your utensils, plates, and serving dishes, saving the pots and pans for last.

6. Choose Your Tool Wisely

To get the job done the right way, pick up a sponge that has a soft side and a scrubbing surface such as nylon bristles. Make sure to clean it with a disinfectant every so often, and replace when it looks like its seen better days.

7. Drying is Just as Important as Washing

A dish drainer will be your new best friend in order to let your dishes air dry while you carry on your busy day and put them away later.  If you want to finish drying them on the spot, use a lint-free microfiber towel.

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