Is Softened Water Safe for Plants?

We’ve said it time and again—softened water is better for your hair, skin, laundry, and plumbing system. Even so, some people still wonder if soft water is good for plants. Well, the answer depends, as different kinds of treated water can be beneficial for your lawn, plants, and garden. 

Soft Water and Plants 

If you have a traditional salt-based water softener, you shouldn’t rely on this type of water system to nourish your lawn and plants. This type of softened water solution contains higher amounts of salt that can easily dry out and damage your indoor and outdoor plants. If you do use softened water that contains salt, a pro gardening tip is to combine it with rainwater to help dilute its sodium levels and avoid salt build up in the soil.   

In comparison, if you have a saltless water softening system from Kinetico®, your water is safe to use on plants and lawn. These types of specialty systems don’t require the use of salt or chemicals to soften water. And they work to prevent scale build-up in your pipes, as well as in your plants and garden, which is a common issue when watering plants with soft water 

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Plants and Reverse Osmosis Water 

Now that you know a little bit more about the effects of soft water on plant life, you may wonder: will hard water kill plants? The contaminants in hard water (i.e. bacteria, iron, etc.)—can have a major effect on the health and growth of your flora. The good news is reverse osmosis treatment systems can easily fix the issue!  

Reverse osmosis systems like the Kinetico K5 and K3 Drinking Water Systems effectively remove contaminants from your water through an advanced filtration system, so hard water won’t hurt your garden and ruin your plant’s health. In addition, these treatment systems can also affect the pH levels of your water, so any delicate plants that need a certain acidity level to thrive will get the right amount of water necessary. 

 Tips for Watering Plants with Soft Water 

  • Water at the Right Time: Aim to water your plants in the early morning or at night, so the sun doesn’t evaporate the water and leave your garden dry. 
  • Don’t Overwater: You should always check your soil before watering your garden to ensure you’re not feeding your plants too much water. Keep an eye out for wilting plants, as this is a sign of overwatering. 
  • Check the Soil: If you’re using a traditional salt-based water softener to water your plants, be sure to test your soil’s salt levels frequently to prevent build up and damage to your plants. 
  • Install a Saltless Softener System: To help protect the health, radiance, and longevity of your outdoor (and indoor) plant life, consider installing a saltless water softener to reduce sodium levels and chemicals that may become harmful to its growth.  

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