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Is Hard Water Wearing Down Your Appliances?

Hard water can be a real problem for homeowners! Not only will it leave rings around the tub and toilet, and make hair and skin dry and more brittle, but it can wear down your appliances as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most common water-using household appliances that can become casualties in a hard water situation.

Is Hard Water Wearing Down Your Appliances? | Aquarius Water Conditioning | Water Softeners Bemidji MN

Mineral buildup in your water heater.

Calcium and magnesium can settle on the bottom of your water heater, causing a clog. This makes it more difficult for water to flow freely, and also makes your heater use more energy to warm your water. More energy usage, means more money out of your pocket!

Spotty dishes from the dishwasher.

Cloudy glassware is a surefire sign of hard water problems. The minerals make it hard for your dishwasher to completely wash away soap and debris, leaving mineral deposits behind. While there are some cleaning products out there that claim to cut buildup, they can also wreak havoc on your dishwasher over time. Best to just soften the water from the start!

Stiff, dull linens from the washing machine.

Not only does hard water make your clothes and linens feel rough and look faded, but it can also wear down your washing machine. Using hard water, the washing machine needs to work twice as hard to get your clothes clean. That means it’ll be more likely to burnout faster, and your water bill may also be higher as a result. Spending more money on new clothes after they fade, a new washer after it breaks, and more water usage doesn’t sound like such a bargain, does it?

Burnt out appliances in the kitchen.

Your beloved coffee machine can’t handle all that hard water! After a while, scale buildup will take hold within the appliance, making it difficult for it to function properly. The same can be said for ice machines and other small kitchen appliances that use water. Sure, the risk of having to retire these items early can be minimized with regular maintenance, but why waste time when you can just have softer water instead?

Are you ready to stop hard water in its tracks once and for all? If so, have your water tested for hardness and your plumbing flushed by a professional as soon as possible.

Learn more about the water softening treatments that Aquarius Water Conditioning can offer! Call us at 888-741-9025 and ask about a complimentary water analysis today.


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