Is Hard Water a Health Hazard?

Fixing broken pipes and doing repairs are both essential parts of owning a home. However, the most critical part of being a homeowner is the safety of your family. 

Our water source is used by every family member, every day. From washing clothes and taking a shower, to have a glass with dinner. It’s important to know the health concerns associated with hard water. Here’s what you should know to resolve your water quality concerns.

What Is Hard Water?

Water described as “hard” contains high levels of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. As water moves through the soil, it dissolves tiny amounts of minerals and holds onto them. Hard water typically interferes with almost every cleaning task, from dishwashing to bathing. 

Is Hard Water a Health Hazard?

Though hard water is a nuisance, it isn’t classified as a health hazard. Studies on the relationship between water hardness and different health conditions have been inconclusive. The National Research Council states that the correlation between hard water and cardiovascular diseases are inconclusive. The Council also recommends that further studies are conducted. In summary, these studies note that the only health changes observed by consuming hard water are an increase in the intake of magnesium and calcium. 

The Problem of Hard Water

The level of minerals in your water affects daily household activities. A high level of minerals can have an impact on how much soap you need to clean dishes, bathe, and wash clothes. If your water is hard, you may notice your skin and hair are dry and flaky. You may also see a pesky film left behind on your shower or dishes. Your probable clothes aren’t soft and fluffy out of the wash. These are all signs of hard water that potentially cause problems in your home.

How to Improve Your Home’s Water Supply

If you believe that your house has hard water, it’s important to get it tested. You may want to consider ways to rectify your hard water supply. The best way to do this is to add a water softener or whole house filtration system.

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