How to Turn Off Your Water Softener

If you’re trying to escape the harsh Wisconsin winters by taking a trip to somewhere much warmer, there are a few things you need to do the prepare your home for your time away. Besides clearing out your fridge and setting your thermostat to “vacation mode,” you should also turn on your water softener to prevent any big messes from happening while you’re out.

But there’s more to turning off your water softener than simply unplugging it.

Why Turn Off Your Softener

Just like your pipes can freeze during the winter, those same blockages can form and freeze in your water softener. While you may be able to find and fix them while you’re home, if the pipes or valve of your unit freeze while you’re away, they can burst from the pressure and cause you to come home to a huge mess.

How to Turn Off Your Water Softener

Turn on the Bypass Valve

Your water softener will have three different modes that allow it to function differently. To shut your unit off, switch to bypass mode — this will stop the unit from treating water and simply allow the water to flow to your home’s fixtures.

To find the valve, follow the unit’s hoses to where they connect with your pipes. There should be three valves there, each turned one way or the other for soft water or bypass mode. To turn bypass mode on, turn all three valves to “bypass.” While the valves usually are labeled for soft or bypass, if you only see a “soft” label, simply turn the valves the opposite direction.

Turn Off Your Water

Especially if you’re going to be away for a while, you should turn off your general water valve as well. Once your home’s water is off, unplug your water softener, and you’re good to go.

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