How to Check Your Water Quality

Each and every person should be able to pour themselves a glass of water and drink it without worrying. If this idea seems dirty or disgusting to you, you probably have water that needs to be tested and filtered. Here’s how you can check the water quality in your home.

testing water quality

Use a Home Testing Kit

  • Know the Basics – When testing your home’s water, you should know what you will be testing for. The basic things to test for are hardness, pH level, the concentration of bacteria, nitrates, chlorine, etc.
  • Choose the Right Kit – There are dozens of kits to choose from, so make sure you purchase one that contains multiple test strips. Each strip should test for a different mineral, pH level, and hardness. Within the kit, there will be directions on how long to expose each strip to the water and any factors that can affect the results.
  • Test the Water – After reading the directions, dip each strip in your sample of water. Once the strip turns a specific color, match it to the color chart provided. If the results reveal anything negative, contact your local plumber for a solution.

The Old Fashioned Way

  • Smell – Water that has a smell usually means something is wrong. A bleach smell can mean that there is too much chlorine in the water. A rotten-egg smell can mean there is a growth of bacteria within your plumbing system or because of a faulty water heater. An earthy smell can mean there is some organic matter that is decaying within the water or your plumbing.
  • Taste – Like the scent, water shouldn’t have much of a taste to it. A metallic taste can be caused by low pH levels or rusty pipes. A bleach taste can be caused by a high concentration of chlorine in the water. A salty water taste can be caused by the presence of chloride ions or sulfates. No matter the foul taste, contact your local municipality to obtain a water report for your area.
  • Visual – Run the tap for a few minutes to remove any standing water, then pour yourself a glass. Examine the water in this clear cup and see if you can see any minerals or murkiness to the water. Any cloudiness or debris present should be a sign that your home is in dire need of a water filtration system.

If you’re having any second thoughts about drinking the water in your home, consider testing it. For those who want to rely on a professional for a water analysis, contact Aquarius Home Services. To learn more about water conditioning or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (888) 741-9025.

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