How Often Should I Get My Water Softener Serviced?

Let’s face it: water softening systems are often completely forgotten about and overlooked. Few people give them a second thought, at least until they stop working properly. This is by design, as most water softeners are completely automatic, so they require less attention than most other household appliances. Even still, water softening systems play an important role in maintaining water quality in your household, and they may require periodic check-ups. The question is, how often should a water softener be serviced? In short, that depends on many factors. 

Read on to learn more about the considerations that play into how often a professional should take a look at your water softener, and how you can extend the life of your water softening system. 

What Brand of Water Softener Do You Have?

Unfortunately, not all water softeners are created equally. Some water softeners are incredibly reliable and efficient, rarely needing maintenance and care. They do their deed year-after-year without complaint. Others break down or fail consistently, leaving you with a water softening nightmare and more expenses in the long run. Although higher costs don’t always mean better quality products, opting for a cheaper water softener to save a few bucks might lead to more frequent maintenance and repair needs.

Kinetico Water Softeners | The Best Water Softeners Available.

Many manufacturers will provide guidance on the frequency of professional maintenance in the owner’s or maintenance manuals. Most water softener manufacturers recommend yearly check-ups or professional maintenance to ensure their units are still working efficiently. We recommend Kinetico water softeners because they are the most dependable units on the market. They require less maintenance and fewer checkups than other units, and many come with a 10-year warranty

What Type of Salt Are You Using?

Ideally, you are purchasing and using evaporated salt pellets or cubes in your water softener. This is not only the purest type of water softener salt available, cube or pellet shapes are also the most effective for ion distribution. If you are using solar salt (sea salt), salt blocks, or any other types of salt, then your machine may need more frequent check-ups and maintenance by a professional, as these salts may contain more contaminants or create blocks, plugs, or buildups in your water softener. 

Fortunately, you can purchase the recommended type of water softener salt for Kinetico water softeners from your local Aquarius Water Conditioning dealer! 

Filling up glass with water from kitchen faucetHow Often Are You Adding Salt?

Water softeners’ brine tanks should be checked every 2-3 months to ensure there is still enough salt left in the unit. If not, this is the time to add more evaporated salt pellets or cubes to ensure that your water remains high quality and soft. Refer to your unit’s owner’s manual for specific guidelines about adding salt to your brine tank. Generally speaking, however, if you see water at the bottom of your brine tank, it’s time to add more salt. As a rule of thumb, avoid filling your brine tank over its halfway mark. Adding too much salt at one time can cause unwanted buildups that can render your unit inefficient and ineffective. 

If, after checking your water softener’s brine tank, you notice that the salt level has remained unchanged over a long period of time, this may be a sign that your water softener is malfunctioning. In this case, calling a professional to investigate is your best bet. 

Has Your Water Quality Changed Recently or Over Time?

Was your bathtub and shower free of soap scum for years, but it has suddenly made an unwelcome comeback? Changes in water quality over time can be indicative of a slow but steady decline in your water softener’s functionality. Your water softener works hard to make sure that your home’s water is free from hard ions, like magnesium and calcium. If your water softener system is no longer working like it should, it can cause the following issues:

  • Soap scum 
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Mineral buildup on appliances and fixtures
  • Stains or film on dishes
  • Dull whites from laundry

If you have noticed a sudden or recent change in your water quality, it might be time for a water softener check-up. If you have seen changes in taste, texture, or color in your home’s water, a faulty water softener might be to blame. There are many other plumbing or water filtration issues that may also be at play, which is why Aquarius Water Conditioning offers free in-home water tests that help us identify and diagnose water issues in your home. After we understand what is causing your water issues, we will work with you to determine the next steps to get your home clean, great-tasting water. 

DIY Water Softening Maintenance

Although it’s important to contact a professional when your water softener stops working or you suspect it may be broken, there are a few things you can do on your own to maintain your unit’s functionality. Check out our guide on caring for and maintaining your Kinetico water softener. This guide provides simple actions you can take to extend the life of your unit, and to ensure that your family is never without soft, high-quality water. 

Looking for a Dependable, Low-Maintenance Water Softener?

When your water softener is dependable and works without issues, it often goes unnoticed for years. As soon as it doesn’t perform like it should, it can be problematic for the entire household. Look no further than Kinetico. Kinetico is the world’s most efficient and eco-friendly water softening device on the market. For starters, these systems do not use electricity; instead, they rely on natural water pressure provided by your household’s plumbing. Kinetico water softeners also use 50-75% less salt than conventional water softeners, reducing the amount of money you have to invest in salts.

If you are ready to invest in a low-maintenance Kinetico water softener, or if you have any other questions about how we can help you get the clearest, best-tasting water, please contact us today! 


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