How Much Water Are You Wasting?

Water makes the world go round. In fact, it’s arguably the most important resource we have at our disposal. That being said, if we keep on wasting it, it certainly won’t be around forever! That’s why water conservation is such an important part of the puzzle. That being said, you may think you’re being careful, but if you’re committing any of these water use faux pas, you could be wasting more water than you realize!

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You’re taking long showers — or worse baths!

If your shower exceeds 5 minutes you’re wasting a whole lot of water. In fact, every minute past 5 wastes 5-10 gallons of water at a time. Since we know that keeping your shower to 5 minutes can be hard, try installing low-flow showerheads or at the very least, cutting your shower time down by a minute or two — which can save up to 150 gallons of water per month.

You’re watering where watering isn’t necessary.

The next time you grab that hose, think twice. Do you need to water your yard, or are you just planning to rinse down the driveway? If the answer is the latter, opt to sweep it clean instead.

You’re running water when it’s not in use.

Whether washing the car or brushing your teeth, remember to turn off the water when you’re not directly using it. Letting the hose run while washing your car can waste up to 150 gallons of water, and leaving the sink running while you brush can waste up to 4 gallons. Moral of the story — if you’re letting it run, you’re just wasting it!

You’re not utilizing a water softening system.

You might be surprised to hear that hard water can actually cause you to be more wasteful. Why? Because when you allow those dissolved minerals to take up residence in your water supply, you also make it more difficult to get things clean. Hard water minerals leave streaks on glasses and silverware, cause soap to be difficult to lather and rinse, and even cause your linens to become stiff and hard.

Stop wasting water, our most precious resource! Whether it’s high-efficiency plumbing fixtures you seek, or a new home water softener or saltless water system, Aquarius Water Conditioning is here to assist.

To learn more about our water conditioning and plumbing services, schedule your complimentary water analysis online or call us at 888-741-9025 today.

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