How to Choose the Best Water Softener

If you’re tired of having dry, itchy skin, cleaning calcium stains of your faucets, and having water marks on all your glassware, you’ve probably starting to think about adding a water softener to your home. But how do you know which system is the best choice to meet your individual needs?

There are a few things to keep in mind in order to choose the best water softener.

The Type of Softener

Since every home is different, there are a lot of different kinds of water softeners. Some common models include:

  • Salt-based softeners cycle water through two basins and replace the minerals in hard water with sodium to soften it.
  • Salt-free softeners replace the hard water minerals with potassium-chloride salt substitute to prevent the minerals from becoming scale that sticks to your fixtures and dishware.
  • Dual-tank softeners allow one tank to still filter your water while the other is charging so there’s no downtime, and you’ll always have soft water.

The Size of the Tank

Generally speaking, the large your home and/or family is, the bigger the tank you need for your water softener. If you don’t have a big enough tank, your softener won’t be able to work fast enough to provide your family with enough soft water.

The Features of the Tank

Certain water softeners have features that make them more appealing. Your water softener could have:

  • Time Control: These means the unit will only recharge during certain times of the day. However, they may not be that efficient if you have a heavy water usage.
  • DIR Controls: When softeners have this feature, they only recharge when they have to, helping you save on salt and water.

Still wondering what water softener is best for you? Kinetico is the best on the market, so ask an expert at Aquarius for help!

bill scherk

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