A Holiday Gift Guide For Water Lovers

A Holiday Gift Guide For Water Lovers | Aquarius Water Conditioning

Having trouble checking your water-loving friend or family member off your holiday shopping list this year? Never fear! We’ve got a ton of great gifts to impress hydration enthusiasts everywhere.

Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle

The minimalist in your life will appreciate this handy two-in-one gift idea. Leave the wallets and purses at home and grab your trusty Contigo water bottle. It’s super secure ‘kangaroo pouch’ allows you to store your house key, cash and credit cards with ease.

Crocheted Water Bottle Holder

For the loved one that’s always looking to hydrate on the go! This super cute crocheted water bottle satchel is available from select sellers on Etsy.  Or, if you’re really feeling crafty and have a keen eye for crocheting, consider creating your own.

Hydration Helper

Many people find it difficult to get their recommended daily water servings in, and we bet your loved ones are no different. Help them along with their own personal cheerleader – a water bottled labeled by the hour.

Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle

For those who need to make the hydration efforts more discrete, a collapsible water bottle is just the thing. Tiny purses, jam-packed suitcases, even jacket pockets – this great gift can stow away anywhere, anytime.

Arctic Glacier Ice Molds

Perhaps your loved one prefers to enjoy a cold, crisp glass of water from the comfort of their own home. What’s more frigid than a frozen iceberg floating in their glass, complete with a few arctic animals? We can’t think of any reason not to grab these molds for these frozen favorites!

SodaStream Machine

Even water lovers sometimes ache for a little something different now and again – cue the SodaStream system! Now your loved ones can carbonate and flavor their fizzy H2O right in their own kitchen.

Looking for a Christmas gift the whole family can enjoy? Consider drinking water filtration system and water softener. That way, you and your family can enjoy delicious, soft water from every tap.

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