What Causes High Nitrate Levels in Water?

What’s in your well water? If you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, there’s a chance that high levels of nitrate might be lingering. While nitrate is a naturally occurring compound found in air, soil, water and foliage, the nitrogen/oxygen mix can be concerning if consumed in high quantities. But how exactly does nitrate get into our well water in such large quantities in the first place? Allow us to explain!

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What causes nitrate contamination?
Most commonly, nitrates are introduced into well water naturally by the process of decomposition. Wells that are found in areas where fertilizers, animal waste and sewage are abundant typically have a higher nitrate level than those that are situated elsewhere.

So, how high is too high?
All that being said, while nitrate levels can vary from well to well, you’d be hard pressed to find well water that doesn’t have at least a tiny bit of nitrate in it. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of nitrate allowed in order for water to be deemed safe to drink is 10 milligrams per liter of water. However, publically regulated water systems are expected to adhere to a 1 mg/L standard.

How can you tell if your water is high in nitrate?
Like most other drinking water contaminants, nitrate is tasteless, odorless and colorless, making it difficult for homeowners to detect. The only way to be certain about your water’s nitrate level is to have it tested by a professional. In fact, it’s best to have your water tested every two-to-three years, as contamination levels can change over time.

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