Does Hard Water Worsen Sunburn?

Not only does hard water compromise our showers and linens — but it can actually make a sunburn worse! Our skin does not react well to the minerals in hard water, so make sure if you like to bake in the sun all summer that you avoid hard water altogether.

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Hard Water and Sunburn

First and foremost, we always recommend you wear sunscreen when you’ll be in the sun. We’re in the peak of summer and you’re probably out and about enjoying plenty of outdoor activities. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are, on average, at a moderate to high level (between a five and a seven) during the summer months here in the Wisconsin and Minnesota areas.

You may not realize it, but skin damage from the sun can occur at any time of the year — and hard water can make you more susceptible to burning. The insoluble minerals in hard water like magnesium and calcium work hard to break down collagen and elastin, leaving your skin more vulnerable to burning.

Do you want to protect the skin you’re in from hard water and sun damage this summer? Your best line of defense against hard water and its side effects is always a professionally installed water softener system.

If you’re fed up with common hard water problems, like dry and damaged skin, contact us at 1-888-741-9025 for a FREE quote. At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we believe everyone has the right to clean, crisp water, and we’re here to provide it!

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