How Hard Water Hurts Your Humidifier

We’ve all experienced the pains that dry, winter air cause — dry, itchy skin, chapped lips, the occasional nosebleeds if your home’s air is really dry. That’s why most people invest in a humidifier to add some moisture back to the air during the winter months.

However, if you’re putting hard water into your humidifier, it may not last you too long. There are plenty of ways hard water hurts your humidifier.

Hard Water Causes Buildups and Clogs

Obviously, you need to put water into your humidifier for it to work properly. But if you’re putting hard water into it, the minerals that are present in the water can start to build up on the insides of the pipes and mechanisms in your humidifier.

After a while, that buildup can prevent water from flowing freely through your humidifier and prevent it from working altogether.

Hard Water Leads to White Dust

If you have hard water, you may notice white calcium buildup on your plumbing fixtures. Well, imagine if all those deposits were sprayed all over your home? That’s what could happen if hard water deposits build up on your humidifier.

As the deposits sit on the edges of the spouts of your humidifier, they can be pushed into the air. That means they can not only land on your furniture and leave little, white spots everywhere, but you could also breathe them in — not good!

Hard Water can Lead to Bacteria Growth

If hard water deposits cause blockages in your humidifier, bacteria can begin to grow around those clogs. That bacteria can then get pushed through your unit and get sprayed to the rest of your home — talk about gross!

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