Does Hard Water Effect Home Cooking?

How Hard Water Effects Home Cooking

Whether it’s for a holiday or just a recipe you’ve been dying to make for your friends and family, you don’t want your homemade meal to be spoiled. If you feel your recipes haven’t been coming out as you envisioned, don’t blame your chef skills. You may want to take a look at one of the essential ingredients in your kitchen — your water.

How Hard Water Can Change the Texture of Your Food

Hard water contains an excessive amount of dissolved minerals such as phosphorus, sodium, and iron. When these broken down minerals come in contact with your food, they can cause vegetables, proteins, pasta, and other ingredients to change in color and texture. You may notice that your blanched veggies may lose some brightness and that your rice may be a bit harder than you’d like. 

In addition to changing the appearance of your food, a high level of chlorine in water may just be throwing off your cooking. High levels of chlorine can make water boil slower. In turn, food can absorb many of the minerals that are commonly found in Minnesota and Wisconsin water.

Cook With Clean Water All Year Round

If your water smells funny or you notice the quality of your food decreasing, it may be time to add a water filtration system and get back to serving your guests the perfect dish. Aquarius Water Conditioning is proud to be an authorized dealer of Kinetico Water Softeners — the only systems capable of making your water 99.99% pure. Get cooking with the best by scheduling a call with us at 888-741-9025 or use our online form for a quick response.

Laura Schara

Kinetico is an essential part of my home because I care about my health.  Kinetico K5 drinking system removes 99% of contaminants, including chlorine, out of my drinking water.  Not only can I taste the difference, but I feel good knowing that I am only consuming clean pure water.  When you have kinetico, less plastic water bottles are used, which is beneficial to our environment.  

Laura Schara

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