Is Hard Water Ruining Your Holiday Baking?

Can Water Ruin Your Holiday Recipe?

There’s something about the holiday season that inspires us to bake fresh, warm goods for our loved ones. Giving the gift of a home-baked treat is a great way to show your gratitude to your friends and family. But could your home’s water supply be the Grinch in your holiday baking?

How Hard Water Affects Baking

If your pie never takes like your grandmother’s, even if she wrote the recipe down to the teaspoon, your hard water may be the Christmas culprit. 

Hard water changes the way gluten and yeast reaction when mixed with other ingredients. Minerals found in your home water supply can have a chemical impact on your holiday baking. Signs that hard water is impacting your cooking and baking include:

  • Slower fermentation process of yeast
  • Dull-colored fruits and vegetables
  • Rubbery or tough dough

Slightly acidic water is best for baking, while hard water is more alkaline and has a higher pH. A pH of just below 7 is best for baking. High levels of chlorine can also make water boil slower. In turn, fruits and other baking ingredients can absorb many of the minerals that are commonly found in Minnesota and Wisconsin water.

Bake With the Best Water All Year Round in Minnesota

If your water smells funny or you notice the quality of your baked goods decreasing, it may be time to add a water filtration system and get back to serving your guests the perfect dish. 

Aquarius Water Conditioning is proud to be an authorized dealer of Kinetico Water Softeners — the only systems capable of making your water 99.99% pure. Get back to baking with the best by scheduling a call with us at 888-741-9025 or use our online form for a quick response.


I’ve noticed that many people ignore their water unless it’s causing a visible problem. But having good, clean water impacts the quality of their lives.

More and more people seem to understand that and are interested in improving their water now. Kinetico can help.

Mike Holmes

DIY Network