5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

Just like it may be hard to get children to eat their vegetables, it’s just as hard to get them to drink enough water daily! Drinking water is especially important for your child’s health if they participate in sports or are extremely active. 

Help Your Kids Stay Hydrated and Energized: 

  1. Infuse your water by adding fruit. Our favorite flavors include berries, cucumbers, and any citrus fruits. Adding a fruit infusion will give your teen’s water a sweet, appealing taste!
  2. Provide your child with their own reusable water bottle or cup. By having something that is especially theirs, your child may feel more inclined to want to drink more water. Try decorating a water bottle, or picking one with their favorite characters on it. 
  3. Lead by example. We can all use to drink more water. The more your kids see you carrying out healthy habits, the more they’ll mimic you and do the same. (Consider this a reminder, and go grab yourself a glass now!)
  4. Always keep water on hand. Whether it’s for school, a trip to the park or a quick ride to the grocery store — water is always good to have on hand!
  5. Set up a rewards system. Depending on your child’s interests, you can give your child an incentive for each cup of water he/she drinks. Try using stickers for every day, and think of a prize that they could get at the end of each week or month — whether that’s a stuffed animal, a new toy, or an activity you both do.

How Much Water Should Your Child Drink?

Typically, the amount of water a child or teenager needs each day depends on their weight, age, and gender. Generally, your child should drink at least 6 to 8 cups of water each day.