Frightening Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Drinking Water

Sulfur in Your Home’s Drinking Water

For most homeowners, smelling rotten eggs coming from your water is alarming but not unheard of. We know that this smell is a result of too much sulfur in your water supply, and that good, clean water typically is odorless and tasteless. 

Sulfur can be dangerous to your health at high levels, and it’s important to filter it out. In addition to sulfur, the presence of different contaminants may not have such an obvious smell. It’s important to know what may be lurking in your water. Here are four  frightening facts that every homeowner should know about their water supply:

1. Bacteria Uses Sulfur as a Food Source

In addition to other contaminants and other creepy crawling things (yikes), bacteria live underground. They use sulfur as a food and energy source, and then, in turn, create sulfide gas. When you smell the infamous egg-like smell in your home’s water supply, this is the smell of this gas —  or waste from bacteria.

2. Sulfur Is Good in Moderation

Just like many vitamins and minerals, sulfur is good for us in moderation. Certain foods such as Brussel sprouts, eggs, cheese, and garlic, have the proper amount of sulfur needed for a healthy diet. However, too much sulfur in your diet, or your drinking water, can lead to diarrhea and dehydration.

3. Sulfur Can Leave Stains

Not only can it call for an unpleasant taste and smell, but sulfur can also stain your appliances. Sinks, toilets, plumbing pipes, and even your clothing are all susceptible to sulfur damage. While stains on your sink are certainly not a great look, sulfur damage to your pipes can bring on an emergency plumbing headache.

4. Hydrogen Sulfide Remains Undetected

Did you know that hydrogen sulfide in your drinking water is not currently regulated by the EPA? It’s important to have your local water conditioning company test the water in your home for sulfur and other contaminants to determine what exactly is in your water and to set you up with an in-home filtration system.

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