Fresh Water Will Make Your Memorial Day BBQ Better

The sun is shining, the kids are playing, the grill is going — and you’re MELTING! Ahh, the joys of spending the day outdoors for a Memorial Day BBQ. Suddenly, the party host walks out and sets a glistening pitcher of freezing cold water down on the table. You can feel your mouth watering as you imagine the pure bliss that will ensue when you take your first sip — “I’ll take a glass, please!”burgers on a barbecue

There’s nothing like a cold, crisp glass of water on a hot day, which is why you may have initially thought, “Isn’t is obvious how fresh water will make my Memorial Day BBQ better?” In this sense, maybe… but what do you know about BBQ water pans? Intrigued? Read on…

What is a Water Pan?

Have you ever bit into a juicy barbecued steak or burger and wondered how in the world your grill master managed to retain so much of that goodness? (Admit it, your burgers are more likely to be used for a game of hockey than eaten, it’s okay, we don’t judge.) Nine times out of ten that juicy bite is a product of a water pan.

A water pan sits above the grill’s heat source and below the grates where the meat is cooking. Its main function is to regulate the cooking temperature, keeping the grill evenly heated through a process of evaporative cooling. When the water evaporates though, it doesn’t only cool the air. It also helps keep your meat moist and delicious and can enhance the flavors — both natural and BBQ smoked.

How is This Different Than a Drip Pan?

Unlike a water pan, a drip pan is placed under the meat empty, solely to catch drippings. It can also be used to slow cook sauce or stock — mmmm! If you’re looking to catch all that goodness while also regulating your temperature, the water pan can go underneath the drip pan.

Are you ready to bust out the tongs and get this savory show on the road? Just make sure you remember to refill your water pan regularly and your guests will be ranting and raving about your BBQ skills in no time!

Looking to improve your water quality before the holiday? Contact us for a free estimate today, to find out how we can bring purified water to your tap.

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