Essential Improvements for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Whether you’re looking to keep up with modern-day styles or are just looking to upgrade, redoing your bathroom gives you a chance to adapt the space to any previously unaddressed needs. It also increases the value of your home should you decide to sell in the future. Here are a few easy renovations to get your bathroom looking like new:

Tile your Shower Floor

Tiling your shower floor with small, textured shower tiles can add to your bathroom’s function and aesthetic appeal. The added texture will keep you from slipping and falling while adding an interesting visual element.

Many newer bathroom tiles are also easy to clean. Modern advances in grouting materials also resist staining and mold from humidity.

Install a Window in your Shower

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome while keeping your bathroom clean is humidity. Humidity can stay trapped within the bathroom walls because of insufficient ventilation, especially when ventilation fans aren’t as efficient as they were intended to be.

If you add a window to your shower, you can keep the room free from mildew and mold by simply opening your window, naturally ventilating the room.s. This is especially true if you open the door along with the window after your shower.

Just remember, it is best to slope the windowsill downwards upon installation to make sure water does not get stuck. It is also recommended to install frosted glass for your privacy needs.

Improve and Adjust the Lighting

Most bathrooms have very little natural light accessible to them, so great artificial lighting is a must for both comfort and convenience.

One simple fix to add for ambiance is installing a dimmer. If you enjoy baths, you know that a relaxing hour in the tub by candlelight is a lovely way to end a busy day. However, that same bath can be much safer if all you have to do is dim the lights to provide yourself with the same atmosphere.

By your mirror or over your vanity, you will need separate light fixtures to provide you with the best lighting that you can get for shaving, applying makeup, and styling your hair. Don’t rely on the overhead light alone.

Your bathroom upgrade doesn’t have to be drastic to be more functional and efficient. Knowing which small but key elements to change, you can give your restroom a little extra pizazz without overspending. 

Bathroom and Plumbing Remodeling in MN

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