Dog Always Getting Sick? His Water Might Be to Blame!

Dog is man’s best friend, so it makes sense that you’d want only the best for your loyal companion — the best veterinarian, the best and most comfortable bed, the best tasting kibble, and more importantly, the most healthy drinking water. This begs the questions: Just how safe is it to give your dog or cat water from the tap? Should you be pampering your pets with filtered water to drink instead? In short… The answer is yes, and here’s why:

Dog’s Always Getting Sick His Water Might Be to Blame! | Water Conditioning Minneapolis | Aquarius Water Conditioning

Clean water boosts the immune system.
We drink not just to quench our thirst, but to provide our body with enough hydration to keep our cells functioning smoothly. Well, when it comes to our furry friends the process is no different. The purer the water, the easier it will be absorbed, and the quicker your pet will be able to bounce back from that kennel cough they picked up at the park.

Purified water can help keep allergy outbreaks at bay.
While this isn’t proven effective for all dogs, studies have shown that some have seen an improvement in allergy symptoms after being served purified water as opposed to unfiltered tap. Making the swap has been said to minimize the appearance of tear stains caused by eye discharge and reduce the likelihood of developing allergy issues linked to heavy-metals and toxins commonly found in tap water.

Many people worry that subbing in purified water will remove too many necessary vitamins and minerals from their pet’s diet, or even their own. Rest assured that while you may be removing some good minerals during filtration, this pales in comparison to the amount of sediment and contaminants you’ll be able to prevent from entering the body. As long as you make sure that both you and your pet have a well balanced diet, your vitamin and mineral intake will be just fine!

If you’re ready to improve your pet’s quality of life, as well as your own, it’s time to start considering a water filtration system for your home. Not sure where to start? No problem! Just call 888-741-9025 and allow the water experts at Aquarius Water Conditioning guide you through the decision and installation process.