Decoding Stinky Water Odors

Let’s face it — When it comes to food, if it doesn’t smell good, you’re probably not eating it. Well, the same holds true for your drinking water supply. Many people find that their tap water has a distinct smell, which can make them weary about using it for drinking and cooking purposes. While water odors are usually not a threat, they can certainly be a bother.

Decoding Stinky Water Odors | Aquarius Water Conditioning | Water Filtration System Minneapolis

If you smell a bleach or chemical odor…
You probably have water that comes from some sort of a municipal water supply, rather than a private well. Public water supplies are treated with chlorine to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites before water is funneled out and into your home. When water is over-chlorinated, it can take on an unpleasant bleach or swimming pool smell.

If you smell a musty odor…
An earthy scent is a byproduct of algal blooms and organic matter within your water. This is more common in private wells and is generally harmless, but can be accompanied with a dirt taste as well. If you receive water from a city water supply, it’s likely that you’ve got sediment from pipe corrosion within your water. Traces of iron, copper and lead might be to blame.

If you smell a rotten egg odor…
More likely than not, the culprit is sulfur and can indicate high levels of pollution within your water supply. Sulfur tends to congregate in oxygen-deficient territory, making deep wells and tightly sealed plumbing the perfect place for it to settle. The smell itself comes from hydrogen sulfide, a byproduct of the sulfur bacteria. When you turn on the faucet, the gas is able to escape.

If you smell a trash odor…
Again, like sulfur, bacteria from food can grow and give off stinky gas smells that build up in your plumbing. Typically the smell is not actually attached to the water, but to the air that is released when you open the tap. Still, having your water tested is always a safe bet.

If you smell a fishy or wet dog odor…
These are usually the result of naturally occurring organic material and organisms being present within your water supply. Barium and cadmium are byproducts of mineral ores, and waste or fertilizer contamination, which can often seep into your pipes and create a fishy smell. The wet dog odor is more likely to be present when there are high concentrations of metal found in your pipes, and is most commonly occurring in hot water.

Curious to find out what your stinky water is trying to tell you? Just call Aquarius Water Conditioning for a free water analysis. Not only will we determine the cause of the odor, but we’ll help you take steps to prevent it from continuing in the future.

To learn more about our water treatment options, or to schedule your water analysis, call 1-888-741-9025 today.

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