Common Contaminants Found in Drinking Water

While the EPA does regulate more than 80 known water contaminants in total, it would be impossible to completely eliminate these contaminants without individualized filtration. This is because each area is different, making each water conditioning situation unique. That being said, there are still a ton of contaminants that make their way into municipal water supplies in small quantities. Here are some of the most common:

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    • Radon: Derived primarily from rocks and soil, radon can sometimes make it’s way into your drinking water. This can be particularly dangerous in large quantities, as radon has been linked to lung cancer in some instances.


    • Arsenic: Like many contaminants, arsenic seeps into your water source from the soil. It’s most often a product of industrial mining and pesticide usage and can increase your risk for skin damage and cancer.


    • Lead: Over time your plumbing can become corroded from all that water, especially if those pipes are made of older materials. This corrosion can deposit lead into your drinking water, causing lead poisoning in large quantities and in severe cases, even brain damage.


    • Fluoride: But wait a minute, isn’t fluoride good for your teeth? When applied by the dentist in moderation, yes. However, in excess, fluoride can stain your teeth and cause bone disease.


    • Nitrate: This contaminant is naturally occurring and can make its way into your water supply straight from the soil surrounding your plumbing. While nitrate is not all that dangerous for adults, it can be fatal for infants.


    • Sulfur: As plants decompose, sulfur is created as a byproduct. As such, can enter your water emitting a “rotten egg odor” and bad taste. Fortunately, this one isn’t very dangerous – just not so pleasant!


    • Calcium & Magnesium: Both are naturally occurring and can be held accountable for “hard” water and scale deposits inside pipes and on plumbing fixtures. Not to mention, rough linens and water stains all over your dishes, sinks and bathtubs.


  • Chlorine: Many municipalities add chlorine to their water supply to disinfect it. While it’s certainly effective, in instances where chlorine is in excess, people have experienced skin and eye irritation.

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