Simple Ways To Clean Limescale and Hard Water Stains in Your Home

Hard Water Stain on Faucet

Keeping your house fresh and clean can take a lot of hard work. This task can be more challenging if you are using hard water. Hard water can leave hard water stains that make your toilets, bathrooms, doors, taps, and fixtures unpleasant. What Is Hard Water? Hard water is water with a high concentration of … Read more

Do Water Softeners Also Filter My Home’s Water?


Many people understand the importance of having high-quality drinking water for the health and safety of their families. Increasingly, more homeowners have also begun appreciating the need for a proper water softener system to prevent all kinds of problems that hard water can cause in the home. Despite this awareness, many individuals mistakenly confuse water … Read more

Is My Drinking Water Safe?

Close up of children hands, pouring glass of fresh water from tap in kitchen

This is one of the most popular questions we receive from customers, and our answer always depends on your residential water supply system. If you have a private water source, for example, it’s not unusual for your drinking water to come into contact with natural or man-made contaminants that will affect its quality and safety. … Read more

How to Remove Water Spots from Glass

Girl smiling with orange juice in glass on table

Whether you’re pouring the kids a glass of orange juice at breakfast or you’re serving friends a glass of wine, when you see water spots on your glassware, you immediately assume your dishwasher isn’t doing its job. Water spots are typically caused by hard water flowing through your plumbing pipes and water fixtures. And as … Read more

How Often Should You Change Your Home’s Water Filter?

water filter cartilage

Water quality impacts every aspect of your household. And with the current increased time spent at home, many find themselves relying on clean, freshwater, more than ever before. It might also have you questioning when you should change your filter. Luckily, we have some of those answers below:  The Importance of Changing Your Filter  Think … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Sulfur Water

When you turn on your shower, are you greeted with crisp, odor-free water or does it smell like your showerhead is spouting out rotten eggs? A simple explanation for this unpleasant smell could be that sulfur is present in your water supply. Though you may already be concerned over whether or not that ill-odored water … Read more

Showing Your Plumbing Some TLC

watch what you flush

With all the extra time spent at home, you might find yourself cooking and cleaning more than usual. Not only has your dishwasher seen more loads than ever before, but your plumbing and home fixtures are working overtime too. That’s why we want to remind homeowners everywhere, that when it comes to your plumbing, there … Read more

How to Remove Water Spots from All Types of Faucets

We all love the look and smell of a freshly cleaned bathroom, but water spots left over on your faucet can make this busy household area look grimy and unpolished. So, why do water spots keep appearing on your chrome or stainless-steel faucet? Hard water is almost always the culprit. Because hard water is high … Read more

How to Remove Rust Stains from the Toilet

Keeping your house clean and sanitized is an ongoing effort for many homeowners. The bathroom is one area, in particular, that gets the most family use yet is probably your least favorite place to clean. If you’re dealing with rust stains in your sink, shower, or toilet, bathroom cleaning can quickly become an even bigger … Read more

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