Can Water Go Bad?

Have you ever poured yourself a glass of water, forgotten about it after few sips, and gone back to drink it a little later, only to notice there’s an odd taste to it? That can often make you wonder if someone secretly adding something to make it taste funny.

But since that ’s probably unlikely, you really may wonder: can water go bad?

Bottled Water

If you have bottles of unopened water stockpiled in your garage, they’re safe to drink. Since they’re sealed, there’s no way for any contaminant to get inside the bottle. However, you’ve probably noticed that water still has an expiration date. That’s more often than not just a packaging decision.

It’s important to note that, even though it’s not technically bad to drink, bottled water can still taste funny after a while because particles from the plastic can seep into the water.

Glass of Water

This is where most of us notice an odd taste when we leave water sitting around. If you pour a glass of water and leave it alone completely, any airborne particles that may fall into it die in a few hours, so the water will be fine — it’ll just taste a bit flat.

However,  if you drink the water first, and get your saliva (and germs) into it,  then that bacteria can cause it to taste a little funky.

Long story short, if water is not exposed to any bacteria via saliva or other contact, it will be perfectly safe to drink and taste just fine.

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