What is the Best Way to Filter Tap Water?

Looking for an effective water filtration solution? Though store-bought brand filters can easily attach to water pitchers and faucets, eliminating chlorine taste and odors from your tap water, installing a whole house filtration system can instantly improve your water quality and remove microscopic contaminants.

This way your drinking water always stays clean, clear, and delicious from any room in the house!

How Do Filters Work?

Water filters use both physical and chemical filtration systems to carefully remove certain contaminates and particles from your water supply.

There are three types of contaminants that home water filters can remove to achieve water purity, including

  1. Physical Contaminants (i.e. turbidity, iron, sand, etc.)
  2. Chemical Contaminants (i.e. chlorine and hydrogen sulfide)
  3. Biological Contaminants (i.e. viruses and bacteria)

Depending on your home’s water source, you may require a filtration system that targets one or all of these contaminants. At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we sell top of the line water filtration systems by Kinetico® to provide your homes with purified water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Learn more!

How Effective Are Water Filters?

The effectiveness of your home’s filtration system will depend on two important factors:

(1) The quality of your water source

(2) The underlying issue causing contamination, odor, dry skin, etc. (e.g. old pipes, hard water, or private water source).

Identifying these essential components will allow our team to professionally match you with the best water filtration system on the market.

For most homeowners, biological contaminants may not be an issue as municipal supply is generally safe and adds chlorine to help kill harmful biological agents. However, you may notice the taste and/or odor of chlorine in your tap water, which will require a chemical filtration system to remove:

  • Dechlorinator: At Aquarius, we offer a whole house Kinetico dechlorination system that helps remove chlorine and reduce deterioration of rubber seals in common home fixtures and appliances. A non-electric filtration system, the Dechlorinator eliminates any chemical or chlorine smell and reduces dry hair and skin after a shower.
  • Odor Eliminator: The Kinetico Sulfur Guard System solves hydrogen sulfide-related issues using a single, easy-to-maintain unit. The Sulfur Guard System is non-electric, includes a twin tank system for unlimited supply of clean filtered water, and is backed by a 7-year warranty. 

In addition to noticing odors in your tap water, you may also see small traces of sediments or iron in your drinking water. To solve this issue, you might consider the following physical sediment filter:

  • Macrolite®: Kinetico’s twin tank system includes an exclusive ceramic media developed in conjunction with 3M to help eliminate particles that include iron, sand, particulate matter, and turbidity.

Which is the Best Water Purifier for Home Use?

Water quality issues differ from house to house, so your issue may be completely different than your neighbor’s. This is why we proudly offer free water testing to help our team accurately identify the source of the contamination, which will then allow us to find the best whole house water filtration system for your family.

Supporting families throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, our company continues to provide premier water filtration and purification solutions. To learn more about our Kinetico specialty filtration systems, or if you’re looking for a professional water softening alternative, contact us or request a free online quote