8 Home Improvement Projects All New Homeowners Should Tackle

Whether it’s your first or fortieth home, purchasing a new home is no walk in the park! The house-hunting process can be long and the negotiations thereafter, exhausting — and then, when all is said and done, there are the renovations!

If you’re lucky enough to have moved into your dream home from top to bottom, stop reading now. However, if you’re like most of us, your new home probably has a few features you’d like to fix, remove or upgrade to better suit your family’s needs.

Still with us? Good, because we’ve got 8 must-do home improvement project for new homeowners that you don’t want to miss.

8 Home Improvement Projects For New Homeowners

  1. Paint the Walls: First things, first — whether you like the color palate or not, unless the previous homeowner just applied a fresh coat, we suggest you hop to it. A newly painted space can appear fresher and more vibrant, and if you purchased a fixer-upper with a world of wallpaper, painting can be a game-changer. (And don’t forget to paint the ceilings, too!)
  2. Add Some Trim: Molding can make a world of difference. Add some crown to your living room for luxury on a budget or frame out some wainscotting for an elegant addition to your dining room.
  3. Update your Hardware: Full-on kitchen remodels can be costly, especially for first-time homeowners. If you’re looking for a quick pick me up, change out the knobs and handles on the cabinets. You’d be surprised what a difference it can make.
  4. Install New Fixtures: From faucets and showerheads to all kinds of lighting, we say out with the old and in with the new! Similarly to your cabinet hardware, updating your fixtures throughout the home can give an old kitchen, bathroom or living space new life.
  5. Enhance Your Curb Appeal: Repaint those fading shutters, shellac the porch and add some landscape lighting. While you’re at it, being that it’s spring, plant some flowers, too!
  6. Tend to Your Gutters: Not the most glamorous or noticeable home improvement project, but an important one nonetheless! Your gutters protect your home — make sure they’re equipped to handle the job.
  7. Organize Your Storage: Could you use kitchen cabinet rollouts or extra shelving in your closets? Now is the time to downsize and organize — take advantage! You’ll never be able to set up your storage spaces from scratch again. (Unless you move, of course!)
  8. Test Your Water: A-ha! We’d be remiss if we left this very important one off the list. It’s absolutely crucial to know what’s in your water. Is it hard or soft? Acidic or basic? Does it contain harsh minerals or chemicals that can cause staining, scratchy skin and stinky odors? Find out with a complimentary water analysis.

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