5 Tips to Use Less Cleaning Products

Cleaning products — not only are they harsh on your hands, but they leave behind an awful chemical smell and can be pretty pricey as well. All that being said, we think it’s safe to say that most folks would prefer to cut their cleaning product usage significantly, if only they knew how. Lucky for you, today is the day! We’re here to bring you five of the best tips to save both time and money on cleaning products by cutting back on the chemicals you use. Here’s how:

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  1. Clean daily. You’re probably thinking, “wait a minute, I thought we were cutting down cleaning?” Why yes, we are — and doing some daily maintenance can help keep your full-fledged cleaning sessions to a minimum. Wipe out the bathroom sink with warm water after each use, rinse down the shower thoroughly, and do whatever you can to keep things cleanly. That way, you’ll have less of a need for heavy duty cleaning products overall.
  2. Pull double-duty. There are a ton of cleaning products out there to choose from, many of which can serve multiple purposes. Instead of having a different cleaning product for each task, opt for a good all-purpose cleaner instead. *Bonus — less cleaning products means you’ll have more cabinet space for storing other items!
  3. Search for sales. This one might seem obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people pass up a good deal simply because they don’t need to restock yet. If you see a sale on your favorite cleaning product, stock up! Be on the lookout for manufacturers coupons as well, which can usually be stacked on top of existing store deals.
  4. Consider the alternatives. You may be married to a particular brand, but how much better is that product than the no-name alternative? Compare active ingredients, do some research and test out other products. You may find that you actually like the generic brand more… and it will undoubtedly be cheaper!
  5. Install a water softener. With a water softener installed, you’ll be using fewer products no matter which brand you choose. Why? Because most of what’s already in those products is acting to counter the effects of hard water, to begin with! Imagine how much more effective they would be without having to first bust through all those hardness minerals to lather and rinse at full capacity.

Let’s face it, cleaning your home is an unavoidable task, but with the help of these tips and a new water softener, it can be a lot more pleasant and less costly!

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