5 Steps to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Have you ever sat in the bath, closed your eyes, and imagined you were soaking in a serene, oversized tub — complete with hydro jets and eucalyptus wafting in the distance? (You’re doing it right now, aren’t you?) You, too, can bask in the glory of a spa-like experience, splash in soothing bubbles, all while singing Prince at the top of your lungs like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Here’s how:

Step 1: Cut the clutter.

If you’ve ever been to a luxurious spa or stepped foot in a five-star hotel bathroom, you’ll agree that they all have one thing in common — minimalism. Do you really need seven different types of shampoo in the shower? Probably not. Work on downsizing your toiletries and try to find a space for everything to keep countertops clear and clutter-free.

Step 2: Incorporate calming colors.

Painting is an easy way to give any room a quick facelift, but creating a spa feel is all in the colors you choose. When you set out paint shopping, think “calm” — muted blues and greens, whites, beiges, and grays, too.

Step 3: Get a fancy faucet.

Your showerhead and sink faucets are easy to upgrade and can make a world of difference. Go ahead, treat yourself to that rain showerhead or fancy waterfall bathtub faucet. (And if you need help installing them, our plumbers are up for the task!)

Step 4: Add in some serene accents.

Calming scents from essential oils or candles and live greenery are a great place to start. Lavender, jasmine, and vanilla are great choices to keep things serene.

Step 5: Install a water softener.

Let’s dial it back to “splashing in soothing bubbles,” as we said earlier. The best way to bubble up, rinse off and have your skin retain all that moisture is by bathing in soft water, not hard.

There are plenty of other ways that soft water makes bath time better — just ask the water softening experts at Aquarius Water Conditioning! Dial 1-888-741-9025 to learn more about our water softening options, and don’t forget to ask for a complimentary in-home water analysis!